VEELIX as a holistic educational space

With VEELIX, we have created a system that is much more than a simple learning platform. Because with VEELIX we are laying the foundation for the dynamic ecosystem for digitally supported education that has long been called for at the federal level.

This means a system that can be used by schools, colleges, universities, vocational schools and other types of education providers, right down to the individual coach.

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VEELIX allows teachers and learners to move freely through different educational opportunities and thus realizes lifelong learning.

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VEELIX makes it possible to learn individually and flexibly.

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Learners can deposit their data securely, manage it themselves and decide on its use.

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Existing or new educational offers and content can be easily posted and accessed by others.

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Cooperations between education providers can be easily established and used.



VEELIX makes it easy to map even highly complex structures. Schools and universities can be cross linked with each other at district, state and national level. Administrative effort and bureaucracy are reduced. This is only one of many advantages that gives you more time for your pupils and students.

Thanks to VEELIX, you can concentrate on your teaching mission and your pedagogical goals.


You want to develop a concept for continuing education for your company? You run an educational academy or you want to scale your coaching offer?

With VEELIX, we have created the education platform that enables you to do this and that makes learning fun for your employees or customers. Thanks to VEELIX, you can work on the job instead of in the company.

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