As a school or university, you have taken on an educational mission and thus accompany people on their path to success, growth and prosperity.

Wouldn’t it be desirable if you could concentrate fully on your teaching mission and your pedagogical goals?



  • data protection is no longer an issue for you. Because VEELIX works on German servers and is fully data protection compliant.
  • you map all your functions such as digital teaching, administration and communication in one single system.
  • it doesn't matter how many pupils or students are taking a course online at the same time. Our system is fail-safe and stable.
  • digitize your teaching content easily and without special technical know-how. Because user-friendliness is a top priority for us.
  • your pupils / students don't "have" to learn, they "want" to learn. Because learning with VEELIX is learning with fun
  • schools and colleges can be cross linked with each other at the district, state and national levels

In addition, your educational offers can be easily scaled and made available to even more people.

VEELIX as a problem solver.

The challenge

At the federal level, there is a call for a national education space for digitally supported teaching. At the state level, attempts are being made to implement a wide variety of educational cloud solutions. Data protection, reliability and basic functionalities as well as teacher training are only part of the challenges.

The solution

VEELIX is already in a position to implement the national education space for digitally supported education called for at federal level. Talks with the first pilot partners are already underway. If you are interested in a joint pilot project, we would be pleased to hear from you.

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