No matter whether you earn your money with continuing education or train as a company. As an economically active institution, the satisfaction of your customers or trainees plays a decisive role.



  • digitize your teaching content easily and without special technical know-how. Because user-friendliness is a top priority for us.
  • draw from an extensive pool of different media and gamification elements. This increases the fun of learning and the quality of your offers.
  • reach more customers, as your educational offers can be scaled easily and quickly.
  • map all your functions in one single system. From customer acquisition to billing to the certificate of completion, you manage your processes centrally and easily.
  • receive a system that is individually tailored to you and is always up to date without your intervention.

Testimonials that convince.

Private education providers
Rainer Guse

The challenge

Rainer Guse, owner of the Leaders Academy Hanover-Göttingen, Osnabrück-Oldenburg and Bremen, is currently massively expanding his educational offer beyond the Leaders Academy. Within the framework of his offer for personality development and leadership training, personal contact, the high quality of the offer and, above all, the contemporary preparation and communication of his contents are enormously important to him. In addition, the high demand and therewith the scaling of his offers present him with further challenges.

The solution

With VEELIX, Rainer Guse is building his offer on a system that is constantly evolving with the current state of the art. He can ensure the high demand of his offer simply and reliably through the scalability and automation of the administrative tasks. Thanks to VEELIX, Rainer Guse is already able to further develop an offer and build up a new offer directly after its introduction.

Medical Education Providers
Heidemarie Hille

The challenge

The Vicenna Academy is an institution of the Krankenhaus Kommunikations-Centrum (KKC) and is managed by Director Heidemarie Hille, with whom we have been networking since 2016. Together with partners who have many years of experience in the health care industry, the Vicenna Academy presents cross-professional educational offers.

The solution

With the Vicenna Academy, we are jointly developing a lighthouse project in the field of continuing medical education and training. As an innovative education provider, the Vicenna Academy aims to convert its entire system to the VEELIX system from 01 June 2021.

Due to our excellent networking and competence in the medical field, we support the Vicenna Academy in expanding its offer. In doing so, we arrange contacts to medical associations in order to expand their training offers - with the help of the Vicenna Academy – by the components digital training, hybrid training (presence and online training) and other innovative training formats.

Furthermore, we establish contact with highly qualified lecturers to complement Vicenna Academy's own training portfolio. Our goal is to support the development of our partners.

Christian Holzhausen

The challenge

Mr Holzhausen is a coach for personal development. Together with his partner, he has created the "Deep Thought Mentoring" programme. Through networking and exchange, coaching and mentoring, his clients are to find and implement profitable solutions for themselves.

Mr Holzhausen is looking for a way to build a community with high participant interaction. As Mr Holzhausen is an innovative thinker, he has already looked intensively into online coaching. His online products should not only be created and marketed, they should also be legally compliant. In addition, he would like to have a marketplace where he can market both his courses and the courses of his cooperation partners via an affiliate programme in the future. Mr Holzhausen also wants to increase his visibility.

The solution

The VEELIX system is exactly what Mr Holzhausen was looking for. Using a checklist, he can create his courses easily and quickly. Since VEELIX is fully data protection compliant, the legally compliant mapping of his online coaching sessions is guaranteed. With the comprehensive communication tool, mails, chats as well as audio and video conferences can be easily integrated. The exchange of documents and notes is also possible without any problems. In this way, the interaction between coach and participant as well as the participants among themselves can be easily designed.

The marketplace offered by VEELIX gives Mr Holzhausen the opportunity to market his courses as well as to display and distribute the courses of his cooperation partners via an affiliate programme. In addition, he can increase his visibility by registering on the global marketplace of VEELIX.

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