At VEELIX, we don’t distinguish between online and face-to-face teaching, but rather understand digital media as a supportive measure for teaching itself.

With VEELIX, you don’t need any technical know-how to digitize your teaching materials. Step-by-step instructions guide you easily and intuitively through the entire course creation process.

A wide range of different media is available to illustrate your teaching material in an ideal way. Gamification makes learning fun. In addition, learners can access your content at any time, from any place and with any device and learn both individually and in groups. This opens up new didactic possibilities and teaching at the highest level.



  • Course editor with a variety of interactive elements
    (texts, images, task types, video and much more...)
  • Forum area for each course
  • Scheduling from face-to-face appointments to bookable appointments
  • Plan and execute live streaming of events
  • Create flashcards
  • And much more...
  • Plan and carry out examinations
  • Creation of the exam with our well-known course editor
  • Automatic evaluation of the exam
  • Real exam conditions can be mapped
  • Educational objective control and own tests also possible
  • And much more...



  • Learning takes place directly on the platform without downloading
  • Interactive course with a variety of different elements
  • Create notes parallel to learning
  • Create and learn flashcards yourself
  • Exchange via the forum function
  • Book 1to1 appointments
  • And much more...
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