Efficient communication is the basis for cooperative working and learning and therefore a central component at VEELIX.

With VEELIX, all communication channels such as video conferencing, mail and chat are directly available in the system and can be used in parallel with other tasks. This way you can network easily – when, where and with whom you want.

In addition, VEELIX makes your communication processes easy to follow, contact data is quickly available and is synchronized just as quickly.

It is equally important to us that communication complies with data protection regulations. Therefore, we use German servers and a detailed rights system. In addition, no contact data is transmitted during communication through the VEELIX system.



  • Instant messenger for quick and direct messages
  • Send emails from the platform
  • Plan and conduct audio and video meetings
  • Forum to discuss your own and other contributions
  • And much more...

communication room

  • No transmission of contact data during communication
  • Realization of communication exclusively via the system
  • Possibility to revoke contact rights and releases at any time
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