The company that revolutionizes education.

With the development of a holistic education space, we enable completely new possibilities for digitally supported teaching. By introducing the product to the first customers in June 2021, we lay the foundation for the education system of the 21st century.


From planning to reality

VEELIX IT-Solutions GmbH was established by the founders Dominik, Daniel and Dr Bernhard Mayer on 01.04.2020 after an intensive preparation and planning phase of 3 years.


Our values

In our family-run company, we attach great importance to sustainability, responsibility, innovation and creativity. In our collaboration with both cooperation partners and customers, reliability and individual support, mutual collaboration and solution orientation are particularly important to us.


VEELIX as an employer

As an employer, we value independence and a direct and open approach. We want our employees to enjoy their work, to live out their creativity and to grow. We create the space for this. This enables us to achieve really great things for our fellow human beings and for ourselves.

One team. One vision.

Well-rehearsed and motivated and full of drive. At VEELIX, we believe in the individual skills of each person, complementing each other. Together, we work every day to make our shared vision a reality.

Dominik Mayer

Managing Director

Daniel Mayer

Development Management

Dr. Bernhard Mayer

Product & Sales Development

Sandra Bernedo

Head of Strategy and Communication

Dr. Simone Mayer

Head of Finances

Our partners, with whom we are reshaping the future together.

Our partners are an important part of our way to think and act. So that we can concentrate on our core business, our partners support us in being able to work holistically. This enables us to offer you high-quality expertise from a single source.

Pilot projects

Vicenna Academy

About the partner

The Vicenna Academy is an institution of the Krankenhaus Kommunikations-Centrum (KKC) and is managed by Director Heidemarie Hille, with whom we have been networking since 2016. Together with partners who have many years of experience in the health care industry, the Vicenna Academy presents cross-professional educational offers.

Project description

With the Vicenna Academy, we are jointly developing a lighthouse project in the field of continuing medical education and training. As an innovative education provider, the Vicenna Academy aims to convert its entire system to the VEELIX system from 01 June 2021.

Due to our excellent networking and competence in the medical field, we support the Vicenna Academy in expanding its offer. In doing so, we arrange contacts to medical associations in order to expand their training offers – with the help of the Vicenna Academy – by the components digital training, hybrid training (presence and online training) and other innovative training formats.

Furthermore, we establish contact with highly qualified lecturers to complement the Vicenna Academy’s own training portfolio. Our goal is to support the development of our partners.

Rainer Guse

About the partner

Rainer Guse, owner of the Leaders Academy Hanover-Göttingen, Osnabrück-Oldenburg and Bremen, is currently massively expanding his educational offer beyond the Leaders Academy. Within the framework of his offer for personality development and leadership training, personal contact, the high quality of the offer and, above all, the contemporary preparation and communication of his contents are enormously important to him. In addition, the high demand and the associated scaling of his offers present him with further challenges.

Project description

With VEELIX, Rainer Guse is building his offer on a system that is constantly evolving with the current state of the art. He can ensure the high demand of his offer simply and reliably through the scalability and automation of the administrative tasks. Thanks to VEELIX, Rainer Guse is already able to further develop an offer and build up a new offer directly after its introduction.

Angela Hansel

About the partner

With her broad wealth of experience and her many years of experience as a nursing service manager, Angela Hansel has already been offering continuing education on a variety of different nursing-related topics for years. So far, however, this has only been possible as a freelance lecturer within the framework of other education providers.

Project description

With VEELIX, Angela Hansel is now able to offer her services independently according to her own ideas. She can concentrate fully on the creation and further development of her offers and can use completely new offer formats to reach even more people. The entire administration, billing and marketing of her offers is mapped by the VEELIX system.

Christian Holzhausen

About the partner

With his offer, Christian Holzhausen provides personality development – development of self-confidence through absolute clarity and inner strength. In doing so, he addresses self-employed people and entrepreneurs who question themselves time and again, procrastinate and symptomatically fail to make decisions.

Project description

Christian Holzhausen is a visionary and wants to get his message out into the world. That’s why he needs a system that can flexibly and individually adapt to his high demands and enable him to further develop and scale his offer. With VEELIX, Christian has decided on a strategic partnership and focuses on the fun of teaching and learning.

Matthias Wilhelm

About the partner

Matthias Wilhelm is a mediator and restores the quarreling teams’ ability to work together in only three hours. He is already very successful as a mediator and often works in large companies. For years, Matthias Wilhelm has seen the potential of continuing education and he would like to set up his own programme in order to impart his knowledge to managers. However, he lacks both the structural and the technical basis for setting up such an offer.

Project description

With VEELIX, Matthias Wilhelm is finally able to offer his knowledge to a broad audience. VEELIX not only takes care of the administration, but also covers all other tasks related to sales, communication and billing. In addition, the VEELIX system supports him in the creation of content, so that even without technical know-how he can intuitively and easily implement his offer with the most modern possibilities.

Thomas Klein

About the partner

Thomas Klein is a social media manager and specialist in influencer marketing. He has been working in digital marketing for over 20 years and has had consulting mandates at Deutsche Bahn, OTTO, Volkswagen and Zentis, among others.

As founder and CEO of Sentimeo, Thomas Klein has developed a completely new strategic approach to influencer marketing and with it a new job description – the Permanent Corporate Influencer (PCI). His book “The New Corporate Influencer” has just been published.

Project description

In order to enable PCI training for as many people as possible, Thomas Klein will digitize his offer and link it with classroom teaching. His participants will be able to interactively take part as well as actively help shape the seminars.

He also wants to keep his administrative burden as low as possible.

With VEELIX, he has found a system that synergetically combines online and face-to-face teaching. Since he can cover everything via VEELIX, from acquisition to invoicing to the certificate, he can organize his work processes highly efficiently.

Cooperation partners


About the partner

NORTIA – Ideenfindung und Reklame is an advertising agency with a passion for film. Here, the focus is on consultation and joint planning. From naming to corporate design, from trade fair stands to corporate films: it’s always about finding ideas for the success of the customers.

Project description

As the owner of NORTIA, Daniel Bernhard is the central contact person for VEELIX when it comes to designing media for external presentation. The Göttingen advertising agency is also a partner for VEELIX’s customers when it comes to creating teaching content in moving images.

Frank S. Fischer

About the partner

Frank S. Fischer is both a social media coach and a photographer. In his coaching, he shows, among other things, how to present yourself optimally in social media and attract the attention of the right people. His passion for photography is reflected in each of his pictures, which are simply great.

Project description

Frank S. Fischer is a valuable partner for us, who competently assists us in all questions concerning social media and always has the right tips. At the photo shoot, his relaxed and uncomplicated manner is a guarantee for the feel-good factor in front of the camera. With his help, highly professional pictures were created that reflect a unique naturalness.

Thomas Leopold

About the partner

With Thomas Leopold, LEOPOLD Coaching & Consulting, management consultant, former banker, specialist in corporate finance, we have gained a sparring partner for the areas of financial planning, financial communication and capital procurement.

Project description

Thomas Leopold has known and accompanied Dominik Mayer for over 3 years as a business sparring partner, especially in the area of financial planning. He draws his expertise from more than 41 years of professional experience, mainly in advising medium-sized companies; 30 years of which as a banker, plus management functions in medium-sized companies and since 2014 as a freelance consultant.

Isolde Fischer

About the partner

With Isolde Fischer, founder and owner of FISCHER CONSULT, we have gained an expert in the strategic development of start-ups and companies as a cooperation partner.

Project description

With more than 35 years of professional experience in management and consulting for family businesses, international corporations and SMEs, Isolde Fischer supports VEELIX in developing an innovative start-up into a sustainably successful company. We appreciate her high flexibility, her solution-oriented way of working and her well-founded consulting impulses.

Network partners


About the partner

BNI stands for Business Network International and is a globally active entrepreneurial network. In the D-A-CH region alone, over 430 entrepreneurial teams with more than 14,100 members are active (as of 31 December 2018).

What is special about BNI is the strong networking, both regionally and internationally, which is rooted in a continuous build-up of trust and a high level of commitment. Due to the regularly required re-application and the associated examination of the members’
quality, long-standing BNI members can be identified as reliable and high-quality providers.

Project description

Thanks to our membership in the BNI Entrepreneur Team Rotmilan since July 2017, we have a comprehensive network that we would happily make available to you. If you have any further interest, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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